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    Cereals for babies and toddlers | Gerber®

    GERBER Stage 3 Baby Cereal: Richer Taste & Textures for Babies 8 months and up

    Richer Tastes & Textures

    GERBER Stage 3 Baby Cereals (from 8 months +) introduce your baby to even more exciting new tastes that are nutritious – and delicious - with appetizing flavours for baby’s maturing taste buds.


    • Probiotic B. lactis

      All stage 3 cereals are specially designed with probiotic B. lactis* - a probiotic that contributes to healthy digestive tract flora

    • Mixed grains

      At this stage, baby is also introduced to a greater variety of textured foods and mixed grains, expanding his little palate even more – and adding a few new smiles along the way.

    • 14 essential nutrients

      As always, every spoonful is packed with 14 essential nutrients (in Add Water varieties) including 100% of the daily value for iron.

    Did you know?


    Did you know

    All Stage 3 Cereals have 1 billion B. lactis per 28g serving.

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