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Product Nido Nutritional Toddler Drink
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NestléMD NIDO® 1+ Toddler Nutritional Drink

International Toddler Drink brand that you love – now in Canada


Appropriate for toddlers 12 months and up.

Product Highlights

For over 70 years, moms around the world have chosen NIDO nutritional milk-based beverages to help their kids grow and develop. Every second, 800 glasses of NIDO are consumed around the world!

Now available in Canada - NIDO 1+ is specially formulated to complement the nutritional needs of toddlers 1-3 years old, and is halal certified.

Preparation & Storage Instructions 

Your baby’s health depends on carefully following the directions for preparation and use.

washing hands


Wash hands thoroughly.



Add 4 scoops of powder (37 g) to 200 ml of water in a cup. Mix until smooth, and feed immediately.​ Avoid using water warmer than 38°C (100°F) to maintain the number of active probiotic cultures.

pouring powder


If preparing in advance, refrigerate at 2-4°C (36-39°F), and use within 24 hours.

See Preparation Instructions on pack for detailed instructions.


Close pack tightly after each use and store in a cool, dry place. Avoid extreme temperatures. Use within 4 weeks after opening.

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