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Nestlé® Materna® Prenatal Supplements



Together for the big adventure.

The right prenatal supplement can help get you and your baby off to a healthy start.  MATERNA  is the #1 Doctor Recommended prenatal supplement**. Just one tablet a day helps fulfill your vitamin and mineral needs at every stage, so you can confidently take your first step into this exciting journey called motherhood. 

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Materna DHA Combo-Pack


Materna® Prenatal Multivitamin + DHA Supplement Combo Pack

The #1 Doctor Recommended** brand of prenatal multivitamins now with the benefits of DHA. 

Materna Prenatal Gummies

Getting Pregnant

Prenatal DHA| Materna® Prenatal Gummies + DHA

From the #1 Doctor Recommended** and #1 Brand* of prenatal Multivitamin


Women 19 years or older.

prenatal vitamin

Getting Pregnant

Materna® Prenatal Vitamins

NESTLÉ MATERNA Prenatal Multivitamin – the #1 Doctor Recommended** and #1 Prenatal Vitamins* brand. Just one tablet a day helps fulfill your vitamin and mineral needs before, during and after pregnancy.


Women 19 years or older.



Start today for their tomorrow. Each daily tablet of MATERNA contains folic acid to help prevent neural tube defects, and 22 essential vitamins and minerals to support you during your pregnancy.  

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Get your body ready for what’s to come. Start taking a daily prenatal supplement with folic acid starting from when you are trying to conceive. MATERNA Prenatal Vitamins contains 100% of the recommended daily amount for folic acid.

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  • *Claim based on Nielsen MarketTrack L52W period ending Oct 9 2021 for National Grocery, Drug, Mass Merchandisers. 


  • **Over-the-counter prenatal multivitamin brand. Provoice research 2020. Data on file 

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