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Trust your Parentuition

As a new parent, you always want to do your best. It’s easy to feel the pressure of getting everything “right”. But the truth is, no one has all the answers. And what feels right for some, may not for others.

So, trust your instincts and know that Nestlé Baby & me is always here to help you find what works for you.

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Stronger Together

You’ve got Parentuition. We’ve got decades of science-based expertise to support you along the way. Together, it’s a win-win.

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Every journey is unique

We’ve been there for millions of Canadian parents as they navigate the hectic, humbling and beautiful early years. We’ve got the articles, tips and tools to help you make decisions through the good, the bad and everything in between.

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Parenting is personal

No matter your circumstances or preferences, we have a wide variety of resources, products and exciting benefits to help ensure that you’re supported in a way that is best for you and your baby.

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Start well and
stay well

To help nourish your growing family, we've got you covered from​ preconception to pregnancy, and your baby from infancy to toddlerhood with trusted brands like Nestlé® Materna®, Nestlé® Cerelac, Nestlé® NIDO® and Gerber®.


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Get full access to expert-backed nutrition support, high-value coupons on our trusted brands and much more!

  • Ready for Baby

    Free Ready-for-Baby Savings Pack.

    Around 35 weeks of pregnancy expect to receive our Baby Pack filled with high-value coupons and useful information you and your baby will love!

  • Special member savings

    Special Member Savings

    Receive personalized coupons and savings on trusted products in your email inbox - and home mailbox - as your baby grows.

  • Helpful Resources

    Helpful resources

    Expert advice, articles, recipes, tips and tools for all the special, hard and at times hectic days of parenting.


    Nutritional guidance for growth

    Specialized nutritional guidance and science-based expertise for every stage of the parenting journey - from preconception to toddlerhood.

Featured Articles

Here is a sampling of just some of the pregnancy and baby nutrition articles and expert tips we have for you. There are many more parenting and baby development tips, perspectives and articles so look around to find what is right for you and your baby.

Answers to some of parenthood's biggest questions
Preparing for Baby
preparing for baby
Pregnancy Diet & Exercise
Pregnancy Diet Exercise
Breastfeeding Support
breastfeeding support
Infant Nutrition
infant nutrition
Toddler Nutrition
Growth & Development
growth and development
Crying & Colic Relief
crying and colic relief
Baby sleep
Baby Food Allergies
baby food allergies
Parenting Support
parenting support
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Find Nestlé Nutrition Products right for you and your baby

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Expert articles and tips about development, parenting support, and nutrition

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Recipe Finder

Find recipes for you and your little one.

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Checklists and tips to help along your parenting journey

Find out your most fertile days with our ovulation calculator
Ovulation calendar

Use the ovulation calculator to help increase your chances of getting pregnant and get other expert advice on the best ways to get pregnant.

Due Date Calculator
Due date calculator

So, when are you due? It depends on the conception date—but since that’s tough to tell, here’s how to calculate your baby’s expected birthday!

Baby Name Generator
Baby Name Generator
Baby Name Generator

Trying to find the perfect baby name? Get inspiration from our baby naming tool

Week by week pregnancy calendar
Week by week pregnancy calendar
Your week-by-week pregnancy calendar

Track your pregnancy week by week and learn more about your pregnancy stages, the symptoms, and your baby's development.

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