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Gerber® Baby and Toddler Cereals

The beginning of happy mealtimes

The beginning of happy mealtimes

At around 6 months, most babies are developmentally ready to try their first solid foods – sitting without support and taking interest in what you’re eating are just a few signs that he’s ready. It all starts with a spoon, and it’s your baby’s introduction to a whole new world of solid food adventure! Nestlé Gerber Baby Cereals will help him experience excitingly different tastes and textures that are both nutritious and delicious.

Ensure your baby is getting his daily iron needs

Iron is a vital nutrient that contributes to normal growth and development of infants and young children. When full term babies are born, they have plenty of iron stored in their little bodies. After six months of age, however, this iron can start to deplete.

GERBER Baby Cereals are 100% wholesome

With every spoonful, your baby's body will grow and with each new stage you discover together, his little personality will continue to grow as well. So be excited, because starting baby cereal isn't just a milestone, it's the first of many, and the beginning of a future of happy mealtimes!

GERBER Baby cereals go beyond great taste

Here are some of the other great things our cereals offer:

  • Each serving° contains 100% of your baby’s daily value of iron
  • The only infant cereals in Canada to contain added probiotic B. lactis* that contributes to a healthy digestive tract flora
  • No added salt, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours
  • Additional nutrients like vitamin B12, riboflavin, thiamine, niacin and zinc to help support your baby’s growth and development
  • Convenient choice of "add milk" or "add water" cereal options

° One serving of Nestlé GERBER cereals = 5 tbsp.

* 1 billion B. lactis per 5tbsp serving.

Vitamin B12 and zinc are found in "add water" cereals only

Cereal choices for growing babies at every stage

Specially designed for growing babies, Nestlé Gerber Baby Cereals meet the unique nutritional needs of little wonders at every stage, while nourishing their ever-growing tastes. Because as their world begins to grow, so do their little bodies and minds. One spoonful at a time.

Gerber Baby and Toddler Cereals

  • GERBER Stage 1 Baby Cereal: Gentle First Foods

    Beginner Cereal Choices for Growing Babies


    GERBER Stage 2 Baby Cereal: New Tastes for Babies 6 months and up

    The Next Step in Cereal Choices for Growing Babies


    GERBER Stage 3 Baby Cereal: Richer Taste & Textures - for Babies 8 months and up

    Richer Tastes & Textures

  • GERBER Stage 4 Toddler Cereal: Strong Foundations for Toddlers 12 months and up

    Cereal Choices for Growing Toddlers


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