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    Cereals for babies and toddlers | Gerber®

    Discover the triple goodness

    Baby eating baby food

    Baby cereal is the first step to understanding your baby’s palate

    Your baby's introduction to the new world of solid food can start with a spoon and a bowl of GERBER baby cereal! Our cereals can help your little one discover and experience excitingly delicious tastes and new textures, while giving them all the nutritional benefits they’ll need as they grow. They won’t like everything, and that’s okay. But when you find the flavours they want, you and your little one will both be happy.

    Discover the triple goodness of GERBER baby cereals!

                                                                       Our baby cereals are an excellent source of iron to ensure your little one meets their daily iron needs.

    iron rich foods for babies


    Iron is a vital nutrient that supports your baby's normal cognitive development. But at about six months, your baby will have used up most of the iron they received in utero. That’s why, at about this time, iron-rich complementary foods should be introduced. Iron-fortified baby cereal is recommended by the Canadian Pediatric Society as an ideal first food for babies1.




    We make the only Baby Cereals in Canada with added probiotic B. lactis*, which contributes to your baby’s healthy gut flora and helps support your baby’s immune function**.

    Building baby's immunity is important to their healthy growth. That is why when your baby starts solid foods, it's important to provide them with foods with probiotics.

    Essential Nutrients, Gerber, gerber cereals, infant


    Our cereals contain Essential Nutrients like Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin B12, Riboflavin, Thiamine and Niacin to help support your baby’s growth and development***. Iron and Zinc also contribute to the normal function of your baby’s immune system.

    Plus, our cereals are made with NO artificial colours or flavours and NO ADDED preservatives or salt¥.

    Try GERBER Organic Baby Cereal too!

    Our organic non-GMO§ cereals for your growing baby help you feel confident about what your little one is eating. Our recipes are lovingly made with carefully selected organic ingredients, including real fruit and whole grains that meet GERBER’s high-quality standards.


    baby cereal, solid foods, nutrition

    Cereal choices for growing babies at every stage

    Specially designed for your growing babies, our baby cereals help nourish the unique needs of little wonders at every stage with new tastes and textures. Because as their world begins to grow, so do their little bodies and minds. One spoonful at a time.

    1Practice point from Canadian Pediatrics Society. Iron requirements in the first 2 years of life. 2019.
    *Probiotic B. lactis (BB-12®) is a registered trademark of Chr. Hansen A/S. 1 billion B. lactis per 5 tbsp (28 g). Only in non-organic cereals
    **By maintaining the specific natural digestive tract antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA) which may help support clinical outcomes of normal gut immune function.
    ***Nutrient content varies by product.
    ¥All cereal-based foods for babies under 12 months should not contain added salt.
    §Not made with genetically engineered ingredients, like all organic products.


    Consumers Can Now Recycle Baby Food Packaging Through TerraCycle ​

    GERBER has partnered with international recycling leader TerraCycle® to help give typically hard-to-recycle baby food packaging a new life. This partnership is rooted in GERBER and TerraCycle®’s shared values around eliminating waste and supports the recovery of hard-to-recycle baby food packaging on a national scale throughout Canada. Learn More ​​

    mother with child on hands
    • stage 1 baby food

      Stage 1 baby food | GERBER Baby Cereal | Gentle First Foods

      Beginner Cereal Choices for Growing Babies. GERBER Stage 1 Baby Cereals (starter) are first foods ideally suited for your baby’s developing digestive system.

      stage 2 baby food

      Stage 2 baby food | GERBER Baby Cereal | 6 months and up

      The Next Step in Cereal Choices for Growing Babies


      GERBER Stage 3 Baby Cereal: Richer Taste & Textures for Babies 8 months and up

      Richer Tastes & Textures

    • gerber cereal, toddler cereal, infant nutrition

      GERBER Stage 4 Toddler Cereal: Strong Foundations for Toddlers 12 months and up

      Cereal Choices for Growing Toddlers


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