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PLAYING: How to emotionally prepare for parenthood before becoming a mom

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How to emotionally prepare for parenthood before becoming a mom

Amazing news! You’re expecting your first baby. But what can you do to emotionally prepare for parenthood? Practice these five easy steps before becoming a mom and you’ll be as ready as you can be for life with a newborn when your bundle of joy finally arrives.

3 mins to read Dec 22, 2020
  • Don’t have unrealistic parental expectations

Start off by repeating this mantra now – “There’s no such thing as the perfect parent.” “Mom fails” are bound to happen even though you are doing your best.  Cut yourself some slack! There are still so many unknowns and the experience is different for every parent. Until they come along, you won’t know your baby’s temperament, or what their feeding/sleeping patterns will be. Embrace the unknown and don’t let it overwhelm you.

  • Slow down your pace

Accept now that you’ll be doing everything at a much slower speed. Whether that’s initially recovering from birth or even getting out the door for a breath of fresh air, give yourself time adjusting to being a new mom. There’s no rush and most things can wait. You’ve got a playdate at 11am, but you turn up at midday due to your baby deciding they’re hungry again? No worries! Baby’s have their own schedule and everyone understands that's life with a newborn.

  • Practice self-care while pregnant

Remember to take time for yourself. Look into prenatal yoga classes (a great way to relax and meet some like-minded moms to be). And both you and your partner should sleep as much as you possibly can… You’ll be sleep deprived parents for a long while once you give birth, so this is the perfect time to enjoy lazy weekend lie-ins together.

  • Discuss parenting duties

Have an honest chat with your partner about what you are both expecting when you become parents. Talk through parenting duties and household chores, and how you both feel these should be shared. Emotional support is also key when you’re a new parent, and not feeling emotionally and practically supported can cause relationship problems, so it’s best to be open about it now. Read our first-time dad tips (or ask him to!) for more ways he can get involved.

  • Prepare your support network now

Family and friends can help guide you through your emotions during pregnancy now and beyond when you become a new mom. Connect with like-minded, soon-to-be parents, too. Research local new parents groups and pregnancy classes in your area. Combine it with a hobby like prenatal exercise classes. It’ll keep you active, while giving you the opportunity to meet pregnant moms in your area.


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*When registration is during pregnancy. If your baby’s already been born, expect to see your kit within a month

*When registration is during pregnancy. If your baby’s already been born, expect to see your kit within a month