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PLAYING: New mom emotions to look out for and how to deal with them

New mom emotions to look out for and how to deal with them

Having a baby and becoming a first-time parent is a massive emotional rollercoaster. Here are 9 emotions after giving birth that you may be experiencing. You’re not alone—these new mom emotions are all completely natural and incredibly common.

4 mins to read Dec 22, 2020
  • You’re feeling lonely

Talking to other new parents can be reassuring and help relieve any new mom loneliness and isolation. You could join some local mom and baby groups on social media, too. And don’t forget your old friends—they’re still there for you. Make an effort to get out and about, meet a friend for a coffee or a walk around the park. If you’re a lonely parent, talk to your partner about how your feeling.  For tips on activities to do with baby that give something back to you too, read our checklist here.

  • You’re feeling stressed

If you’re feeling stressed about additional responsibilities, don’t be shy, talk to your partner and ask friends and family for some practical help around the house. They’ll be pleased they can help relieve some of your new mom stress and you’ll be able to tick off that to-do list.

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed

Give yourself time if you’re feeling overwhelmed as a mom. You’ve just become a first-time parent, and that’s a huge change in your life. A newborn baby comes with a lot of new responsibilities, allow yourself time and forgiveness as you adjust to this big change. Be kind to yourself.

  • You’re feeling exhausted

Yes, it’s all very well saying sleep when your newborn baby sleeps. But there are other things you can do to help your energy levels and your new mother exhaustion. Don’t forget to eat—keep it simple and nutritious -  and take breaks for gentle movement that will be refreshing.

  • You’re feeling guilty

You’ll feel a huge range of emotions a new mom, including negative ones like mom guilt. Accept these feelings—embrace them and talk about them. And don’t compare your self to other new moms – everyone’s learning and you may end up feeling guilty that you’re falling short. You’re not! Trust yourself and your intuition—you know what’s best for your baby. For tips on how to get rid of mom guilt, read our checklist.

  • You’re feeling lost

You’re a woman, friend, partner—but now you need to add mom to the top of that list. New mom identity crisis is very common, but remember that it’s not selfish to make time for self-care. Take some time to yourself to clear your head. Grab some exercise, grab a bath, go see some friends for a chat. You’ll feel refreshed and stronger.

  • You’re feeling sad

During the first week after childbirth, some women experience the “baby blues”. You may feel tearful and emotional, anxious, or irritable. This is due to the hormonal and chemical changes that take place in your body after childbirth (and lack of sleep certainly doesn’t help either). All these sad mom symptoms are normal and as your hormones settle down should ease. Don’t suffer in silence. Talk to your partner, friends, and family. And if you’re worried or if these feeling persist, speak to your doctor.

  • You’re feeling confused

Friends, family—sometimes even strangers —will try to give you unwanted baby advice. Yes, everyone has an opinion and they feel helpful when they share it. Unfortunately, it can add to your feelings of confusion and insecurity in your own decisions. Their advice is well intentioned, so listen but feel free to ignore them! If you need help answering unwanted breastfeeding questions, read our quick comebacks here. It’s best to trust the baby experts, so follow up with your doctor if you’re unsure about anything.

  • You’re feeling happy

And so you should! It’s true: that unconditional love you feel for your newborn baby is amazing. Embrace being a happy new mom. Becoming a parent is a wonderful thing so enjoy every crazy, tough, exhausting moment of it!


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