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    baby proofing

    Your baby proofing action plan

    Even though they won’t be mobile at first, it’s a good idea to baby proof your house before the big arrival. Read our baby proofing tips, from baby safety locks to baby corner guards, to minimize the risk of accidents at home.

    • Fasten or remove tall, wobbly furniture such as floor lamps and bookcases.
    • Attach the TV to the wall.
    • Hide electrical cords or make sure they’re out of baby’s reach.
    • Fit safety gates to stop your baby from climbing or from falling down the stairs.
    • Put screens in front of any fireplaces.
    • Keep low furniture away from windows.
    • Add non-slip mats to all rugs.
    • Cover sharp furniture corners with baby corner guards.
    • Put cabinet safety locks on any drawers, doors, or cupboards at floor level.
    • Add hinge protectors to doors.
    • Unplug electrical appliances and store out of reach of baby.
    • Fit baby safety locks or catches that restrict the opening of windows. Make sure adults know where the keys are kept in case of a fire. 
    • Install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors on every level of your home.
    • Check the house and garden for poisonous plants.
    • Install an approved rear-facing baby seat in the car.
    • Save emergency and medical contacts into your phone.
    • For ideas on how to get baby’s nursery ready, read our checklist.




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