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Cereals for babies and toddlers | Gerber®

GERBER Stage 4 Toddler Cereal: Strong Foundations for Toddlers 12 months and up

Cereal Choices for Growing Toddlers

As your baby becomes a toddler and is getting more adventurous with her food – GERBER Stage 4 Toddler Cereals offer enhanced texture, with new ingredients like honey and flakes. This experience is key as her taste buds and palate continue to mature and as she learns to chew.


  • Probiotic B. lactis

    All Nestlé Gerber Stage 4 Toddler Cereals are specially designed with probiotic B. lactis* - a probiotic that contributes to healthy digestive tract flora.

  • New taste and texture

    With each new taste and texture your baby tries with Nestlé Gerber Toddler Cereals, her world – and personality – will continue to grow.

  • 14 essential nutrients

    Every yummy spoonful of Nestlé Gerber Stage 4 Toddler Cereals also gives your little one 14 essential nutrients, including 100% of the daily value for iron.

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