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    How to give a baby massage

    How to give a baby massage

    Baby massages are a great opportunity for interacting with your baby and for skin-to-skin contact. Find out what to do with this baby tummy massage breakdown. Now you can put “baby masseuse” on your CV, alongside “super mom”.

    • Choose a time when baby is relaxed. After their evening bath is good.
    • Use the right oil. Plant-based oils - like coconut, canola, corn, olive, grapeseed, avocado, or safflower oils – all work well and are safe if your baby sucks on their hands or fingers.
    • Prepare all your massage equipment before baby’s bath, when your hands are free.
    • Get set up on the floor with a clean, soft towel on top of a yoga or baby mat.
    • Make sure the room is warm enough for baby to be in just their diaper or a onesie.
    • Dim the lights if it’s getting close to bedtime.
    • Put some relaxing music or lullabies on for those sleepy cues.
    • Remove any rings or bracelets.
    • Make sure your hands are warm.
    • Undress baby and lay them on top of your soft towel and mat on the floor. 
    • Pour a small amount of your preferred oil for baby massage on your hands and warm it in your palms.
    • Start at baby’s feet. Stretching and rubbing their toes and bottoms of their feet.
    • Work up baby’s legs and very gently rub and squeeze their muscles. Support your baby’s leg by holding their heel with one hand.
    • Work your way to baby’s arms. Support their wrist with one hand.
    • Finish with a chest and tummy rub. Use clockwise circular motions on his tummy to aid digestion.
    • Talk to your baby softy and narrate what you are doing to them throughout the massage.
    • Keep eye contact as you massage baby.
    • Don’t rub or squeeze baby too hard.
    • Stop massaging if baby doesn’t enjoy it. Not all babies do.
    • Stop massaging if baby falls asleep.
    • If the massage hasn’t helped to relieve baby’s tummy problems, read our checklist for other tips on how to help.


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