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PLAYING: Let your baby show you when they are full

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Let your baby show you when they are full

Did you know? The longer a mom breastfeeds, the more she responds to her baby’s signs of fullness.

2 mins to read Dec 29, 2021

If you’ve always breastfed your baby directly, you’ve never been able to accurately measure how much they’re drinking. You’ve learned to let your baby show you when they’ve had enough. So since they have started eating solid foods, chances are you’ve also trusted them to choose how much they want to eat.

Healthy approach

Scientific studies have suggested that the longer a mom breastfeeds, the more likely she is to respond appropriately to her baby’s signs of fullness. This applies to both nursing and eating solid foods. “There is an association between longer breastfeeding duration and responsive feeding practices,” explains Andrea Papamandjaris, PhD, Leader, Regulatory & Scientific Affairs at Nestlé Nutrition in Canada. “This may be one of the reasons for the apparent protective effect of breastfeeding on childhood obesity.”

Moms who breastfeed tend not to pressure their babies to finish all of their food. Instead, they follow responsive feeding techniques of trusting their baby’s appetite. If you’re offering your baby nutritious foods and allowing them to eat only as much as they wants, they’re more likely to stay at a healthy weight throughout childhood. And you can feel satisfied you’re giving your baby the healthiest start in life.


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