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PLAYING: How often will my baby feed?

How often will my baby feed?

6 things you need to know about feeding your baby in their first six months.

2 mins to read Dec 31, 2021

1. Expect day-to-day changes

Every baby is unique and what is typical one day may be different the next. Babies will feed as often as they are hungry. There is no exact set number of times each day.

2. No need for a schedule

As a mom you will quickly learn your baby’s signs of hunger, and these should be your cues as to when to feed. While feeding frequency may decrease as your baby gets older, he still may not feed to a schedule. Always feed your baby when he shows he’s hungry and stop at signs he’s full. During the first month, you should wake your baby for a feeding if it has been more than four hours since he last fed. In the following five months, feed only when baby shows signs of hunger.

3. Let your baby decide

Studies show that breastfed babies feed more often in their first few weeks of life. As they get older the number of feedings each day may decrease. In general, they will still consume about the same amount of breast milk each day, although in fewer feedings.

4. Trust your baby’s instincts

Your baby’s hunger and fullness signs_06_LEARN_How often will my baby feed_02

5. Avoid any pressure

If you are feeding expressed breast milk in a bottle, do not pressure your baby to finish the bottle. Remember, babies are designed to know how much they need to drink.

6. Start small

Start with the smallest bottle size and if your baby still seems hungry, add a little more to the bottle. This will reduce the chances of overfeeding your baby – and you’ll waste less too!

Your baby’s hunger and fullness signs_06_LEARN_How often will my baby feed_03



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