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What your baby is telling you

Did you know? Your baby was born with the natural ability to eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full.

2 mins to read Dec 31, 2021

There are some things your baby needs to learn but recognizing when they’re hungry or full isn’t one of them. It’s human instinct. We’re all born with the ability to feel hunger and fullness.

From the moment they arrive, your baby will tell you when they’re ready for food or when they’ve had enough. Recognizing and reading these signs is something you’ll quickly learn. It’s called ‘responsive feeding’ because you let your baby take the lead with how often they feed and how much they drink.

Trust your baby

Some parents, however, think they know better than their baby when they’re hungry or full. Rather than watching for and responding to signs, they feed to a schedule. They might also cut short a feeding they feel is going on for too long or encourage their baby to feed for longer if it seems too short. Scientific studies suggest that this can override a baby’s natural ability to feel hungry and full, leading to overfeeding or underfeeding, and future weight issues.


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