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    baby’s first foods

    Introducing baby’s first foods? Be prepared with this handy kit

    Now the adventure really starts! Introducing solid foods to your baby is a lot of fun – as they adjust to new tastes and textures, you will discover lots of new facial expressions you didn’t know your baby had. We have put together a handy list of essential items to help with weaning.

    • If you decide to make your own purées, a blender or hand-held blender can make things a lot easier.
    • Hand-held food mills are also good for making purées—and they’ll give you a work-out!
    • Plastic bowls suitable for the dishwasher, microwave, and freezer. The ones with suction cups on the bottom can help to keep the dishes on the tray or table.
    • Small, smooth round-tipped plastic or silicon spoons—these are gentle on your baby’s delicate mouth and gums.
    • You might want to buy a spoon with a long handle for getting into jars and small bowls.
    • For the tech fans, you can get spoons that change color if the food is too hot, although you should still always double check the temperature first.
    • Silicon or plastic bibs that can be easily wiped clean – these can help cut down on outfit changes. Weaning is messy—babies like to play with food, it’s all part of the fun.
    • Cloth bibs are also handy to wipe up messy faces—buy a few though to rotate with the laundry.
    • An apron to keep your clothes nice and clean.
    • Ice cube trays to freeze portions of purees and freezer bags to store the cubes—great for prepping baby meals ahead of time.
    • Small plastic cups for little hands. It’s time to practice drinking from an open cup!   Be prepared for little spillages.
    • Reusable pouches are great for when you’re out and about—fill them with your own homemade purées – or try store bought baby food pouches for feeding on the go.
    • Baby bowls with tight fitting lids are essential when you’re on the go with baby.
    • Larger plastic bowls for when baby’s sharing meals with the family —ideally get a couple with dividing compartments.
    • Baby high chair—for safety, look for one with both waist and crotch straps and a wide base to increase stability. High chairs with removable tray, covers, and cushions are easier to clean. If you’re on a budget, try looking for one on local Facebook groups and Kijiji – just remember to inspect it before buying, and check that the model has not been recalled. 
    • A feeding schedule stuck on the fridge to track what your baby has tried, and how often. It can take up to ten tries for your baby to get used to a new flavour or texture, so don’t give up.
    • Baby booster seat for when your baby is older and can enjoy mealtimes at the family table.
    • Splat mats or a vinyl shower curtain. Not essential but if your baby is fond of throwing food, you may be thankful for one of these to protect your floor. Did we mention that weaning is messy?!
    • Now you’ve got the kit, read our checklist on how and when to start complementary feeding.

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