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17-weeks pregnant: baby development and diet tips

Your little one now weighs more than 200g and is looking more and more like a “real” baby every day. Read more to learn what to expect during week 17 of pregnancy.

2 mins to read Dec 15, 2021


As always, lots going on this week. Their skin is still very thin and quite transparent, with small blood vessels visible through it. Your baby’s intestine continues to develop and is now in its permanent place in their abdomen. All is as it should be.


Grit your teeth: many older women still tell pregnant women stories about teeth falling out during pregnancy. Good news: That is outdated nonsense! For some women, the baby bump is now showing. If you are very slim, or have had a baby before, it is more likely that there is something to see. In others, no one can tell by looking. But this is the time when your clothes may begin to get hard to fasten and waistlines are harder to discern. 


Satisfying sugar cravings during pregnancy requires a little more creativity than it normally would, especially if yours seem stronger than usual. There is no harm in eating desserts, as long as you don’t overdo it. To satisfy your sweet tooth while meeting your nutritional needs, choose fresh fruit, desserts made with milk, plain yogurt, and dried fruits. Moderation is key. Instead of ice cream, indulge in sorbets or frozen yogurt with lower sugar. 


Artificial sweeteners also known as ‘non-nutritive sweeteners’, ‘sugar replacements’, or ‘zero-calorie sweeteners’ are sugar substitutes that have a sweet taste. They commonly include aspartame, sucralose, acesulfame potassium (Ace-K), saccharin, and sugar alcohols (e.g., xylitol), as well as plant-derived compounds (e.g., Stevia). Artificial sweeteners used and sold in Canada are regulated by Health Canada and are approved based on scientific evidence of safety. Health Canada recommends moderation in using sugar substitutes during pregnancy and to make sure that you are not replacing nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy. Speak to your doctor if you are concerned about artificial sweeteners and how they fit within your healthy pregnancy diet. 



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