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31-weeks pregnant: baby development and diet tips

As the big day fast approaches, your little one will soon be moving into position for birth. What a clever baby! But you already knew that. Read more about this week.

2 mins to read Dec 16, 2021


Your baby is still growing and growing. As of this week, they weigh half of what they will weigh at birth, and still have a few more centimetres to go as well. Meanwhile, they can start to get into the position they will have at the time of delivery: 95% of pregnancies are delivered with the baby upside down, top of the head forward. This is called the "presentation" and can be determined at the next ultrasound. 


If you are surprised by the size of your breasts, remember that your body is getting ready to breastfeed. The big moment is coming closer!  Don’t be surprised if you find yellow flecks on your blouse or T-shirt once in a while: that is “pre-milk,” or colostrum. Though surprising, it is a good sign. It means your breasts are getting ready for feeding your child. The colostrum you give your baby in the first few days contains important antibodies that boost your child’s immune system. Not every woman noticeably produces pre-milk at this point. If you are one of them, you can protect your clothing with nursing pads placed inside your bra. 


As your baby will be putting on an additional 1 to 1½ kilos between now and their birth, an average of 200g per week, be sure to continue to eat a variety of healthy  foods which will provide the extra calories and nutrients you and your baby need.  Some of the extra calories that your body stores can be used during the process of making breast milk after your baby is born.  


The size of a woman’s breasts does not determine breast milk production or how well your baby will nurse. Breast milk is produced constantly, not just between feedings. The amount of milk that can be stored in the breast between feedings varies from mom to mom, and isn’t necessarily determined by breast size. Yes, your baby will know just how much breast milk they need and your body will make the right amount to match your babies hunger and fullness cues. 



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