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    Maternal supplements | Nestlé® Materna®

    Breast Pain Support | MATERNA® OPTI-LAC™

    Contains Lactobacillus fermentum LC40TM (CECT5716) – a probiotic clinically shown to help reduce breast pain during breastfeeding1-3. From the #1 Doctor Recommended** and #1 Prenatal Multivitamin* brand.

    Women 19 years or older.

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      Becoming a mom is life's biggest adventure and it's one you're embarked on. Breastfeeding can be one of the most amazing moments that you can have with your newborn baby. However, you can often experience breast pain which could lead to having to stop breastfeeding earlier than desired, MATERNA Opti-Lac Breastfeeding Probiotic Capsules (30 ct) is an easy-to-take postnatal breastfeeding supplement that helps reduce breast pain during breastfeeding.

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