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Gerber Cereals

Gerber® Cereals

GERBER Stage 1 Baby Cereal: Gentle First Foods

Beginner Cereal Choices for Growing Babies

GERBER Stage 1 Baby Cereals (starter) are first foods ideally suited for your baby’s developing digestive system.


  • Probiotic B. lactis

    All Nestlé Gerber Baby Cereals are specially designed with probiotic B. lactis* - a probiotic that contributes to healthy digestive tract flora. Stage 1 baby cereals also have gentle ingredients and a delicate texture so they’re easy to digest.

  • Single grain

    Cereals in this stage are each made from a single grain, allowing for a gradual introduction of solid foods.

  • 14 essential nutrients

    With 14 essential nutrients including calcium, in the Add Water varieties and 100% of the recommended daily value for iron and you can feel confident knowing your baby is getting the nutrition she needs – with no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. And most importantly, your baby will find the taste, aroma and texture irresistibly delicious!

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