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    stage 1 baby food

    Cereals for babies and toddlers | Gerber®

    Stage 1 baby food | GERBER Baby Cereal | Gentle First Foods

    Beginner Cereal Choices for Growing Babies. GERBER Stage 1 Baby Cereals (starter) are first foods ideally suited for your baby’s developing digestive system.

    What is stage 1 baby food cereal?

    Single-ingredient stage 1 baby food cereal has a smooth, thin consistency you can use as your baby’s first introduction to solid food. The single ingredient is important for effectively identifying allergies, while the smoothness helps it go down with little to no chance of choking. Have a variety of flavours on hand in case your little one decides to reject a previously preferred flavour  this is known to happen.


    When should you begin offering stage 1 baby food?

    While breastfeeding or formula should still be your little one’s main source of nutrition at six months, they will need more to meet all their nutritional needs, and especially more so when it comes to iron fortification, because their iron begins depleting from the first day of life. So, think of stage 1 baby food as complementary to formula or breast milk as opposed to a replacement. Check with your child's doctor for baby food recommendations during the first year.


    How will you know when your baby is ready for stage 1 baby food?

    At around the six-month mark, your little may start exhibiting signs of being ready to eat solid foods. One clear indication is your baby’s interest in solid foods at your family mealtime. If they grab for what you are eating, they’re asking to try it. While they will be too young to try what you have on your plate, stage 1 baby food cereal is a good place to start.



    Other signs your baby may be ready for stage 1 baby food include:

    • Convenient ¾ they can go anywhere you and your toddler go
    • Being able to sit upright with little to no support: this indicates the body control to stay in a proper ingestion position with little to no risk of choking.
    • They can hold their head up without wobbling it : this will prevent the neck from bending while food is in the throat, which could also lead to choking.

    •They can open their mouths for a spoon rather than involuntarily pushing it away with their tongues.

    Our Stage 1 Baby Cereals (starter) are first foods ideally suited for your little one’s developing digestive system.


    • Probiotic B. lactis

      All Nestlé Gerber Baby Cereals are specially designed with probiotic B. lactis* - a probiotic that contributes to healthy digestive tract flora. Stage 1 baby cereals also have gentle ingredients and a delicate texture so they’re easy to digest.

    • Single grain

      Cereals in this stage are each made from a single grain, allowing for a gradual introduction of solid foods.

    • 14 essential nutrients

      With 14 essential nutrients including calcium, in the Add Water varieties and 100% of the recommended daily value for iron and you can feel confident knowing your baby is getting the nutrition she needs – with no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavours or colours. And most importantly, your baby will find the taste, aroma and texture irresistibly delicious!

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