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PLAYING: Get ready, get set... breastfeed!

Get ready, get set... breastfeed!

Did you know? The “superpowers” of breast milk for your baby (and you) cannot be underestimated—and pregnancy is the perfect time to prepare.

2 mins to read Jan 4, 2022

As you excitedly count down the weeks and days until you finally get to meet your little one, you might feel like all you’re doing is waiting. Yet this time is a great opportunity to learn about breastfeeding so that when the big day comes, you feel ready and confident to feed your baby and give her the best start.

Breastfeeding has countless benefits – for both your baby and you – but perhaps top of the list is your baby’s health. Breast milk helps protect your baby from diseases during infancy and even later in life.

The “superpowers” of breast milk will help fight the following problems during infancy and childhood:

  • diarrhea
  • ear infections
  • respiratory infections
  • allergies

Breastfeeding even plays a role in reducing the risks of your baby developing these health conditions in later life:

  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • heart diseases
  • hypertension.

As your pregnancy progresses, your amazing body is busy preparing to breastfeed so that when the time comes, you can pass on these “superpowers” of protection, and set your baby up for a healthy life.


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