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    Fourth month of pregnancy symptoms

    Fourth month of pregnancy symptoms


    Your pregnancy: weeks 14-17. Your baby's individual features and sensory organs are now being fine tuned. Iron requirements increase during this period as your blood volume increases to help build reserves of for the fetus and placenta.

    Friday, July 3rd, 2020

    Your baby’s continuing to grow


    • Baby’s expressions are almost visible now! Facial muscles and brain impulses are developed enough to enable it to squint, frown, grimace, and even grasp. You may notice your baby appears to be sucking its thumb in your ultrasound.
    • Baby is producing urine from its kidneys and expelling it into the amniotic fluid. The liver has started making bile and the spleen is helping to produce red blood cells. Lung sacs develop and the hear is pumping larger volumes of blood.
    • A growth spurt is coming! Baby’s legs and head are more developed and the eyes and ears look more like how they will look eventually. Baby can sense light and will move away from it.
    • Your baby’s little skeleton is now changing from soft cartilage to bone and the umbilical cord is growing stronger and thicker. It can move its joints.
    • Sweat glands begin to develop, taste buds are forming, and your baby is developing reflexes!


    Your body during the second trimester


    • If your feeling good right now, and a lot of women do in the second trimester, take advantage of it!
    • Your clothes may begin to get tighter as your uterus moves upward into your abdomen.
    • Your heart is pumping more blood than usual to supply your baby with the oxygen it requires. This increase in blood supply may have unpleasant side effects like bleeding gums, nose bleeds, or a stuffy nose.
    • While any nausea usually decreases or goes away, many women begin to experience heartburn. Hormones may cause a relaxation of the valve at the top of your stomach and at the same time your growing uterus is pushing on your stomach.
    • You may also notice changes in your hair. For some women, hair becomes thicker while for other it becomes drier or even falls out a little more.


    Tips for you and baby


    • Moderation is key! There’s not harm in reaching for a treat once in a while, but be mindful of portion sizes. Leave lots of room in your diet for a variety of nutritious foods which contribute valuable nutrients for you and your growing baby. For more information, see Healthy Diet & Nutrition for Pregnancy.
    • With nausea subsiding and while  you can still move quite normally, the second trimester could be a great time for a vacation. Things to think about: On car journeys, remember to stop for a break every two hours. That usually happens anyway, since the pressure on your bladder increases as your baby grows. Try not to sit for too long with your legs at an angle, and aim to stand up frequently. Traveling to hot countries can be less pleasant with a swollen belly.  Consider the medical services and hygienic conditions available at your destination, as they may be very different to home.  Finally, always check with your doctor if you are planning a vacation that requires flying.


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