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    Benefits of probiotics for baby

    Learn about the role of probiotics in baby's immunity, what are the sources of probiotics and more.

    Articles related to Probiotics

    You’ve obviously heard of baby antibiotics, which your baby’s doctor would prescribe to treat a bacterial infection, perhaps to treat a bacterial ear infection or a urinary tract infection. Baby probiotics work differently instead of destroying the bad bacteria your baby might pick up at the playground  (or from another baby’s runny nose), probiotics support gut health, the development of a balanced microbiota, and immune system. The average person has more bacterial cells in their body than human cells.,

    These cells are critical for all aspects of living well:

    They’ve been shown to aid with controlling weight gain.


    • They help regulate mood — 90 percent of serotonin is produced in the gut and not the brain..
    • They produce key vitamins that help fend off illness and infection from bad bacteria.


    Baby probiotics create an opportunity to support the development of baby’s healthy microbiota and immune system.

    If you’re still in the baby probiotics consideration zone, you should continue reading and watching the content on this page. There’s a lot to consider.


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