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Product Good Start plant based formula
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Good Start® Alsoy Lactose-Free Formula

This baby formula is easy to digest* and lactose-free for babies who are avoiding cow’s milk or milk products.

If you’re looking for a plant-based formula consider GOOD START ALSOY formula – it is dairy-free and provides complete nutrition* to support the normal growth of babies 0-12 months. 

Available in 730g


For infants 0 months and up.

Product Highlights

Soy-based, lactose-free formula for baby. Pediatricians' #1 Choice for Easiest Formula on Baby's Tummy!** GOOD START ALSOY Powder Baby Formula (730 g) is designed for babies who are avoiding cow’s milk or milk products. Dairy-free, plant based and easy to digest*, GOOD START ALSOY also contains expert recommended levels of DHA, an Omega 3 fat that contributes to your baby’s normal physical brain & eye development.

Soy-based infant formulas are indicated only for babies who cannot consume dairy for cultural or religious reasons, and babies with galactosemia or hereditary lactose deficiency***. They are not recommended for babies with cow’s milk protein allergy or sensitivity.

This non-GMO**** baby formula is designed for babies from birth (0 months) and older, and comes in recyclable packaging.

Breast milk provides the optimal nutrition for baby.


*Like all infant formulas.

**More pediatricians trust GOOD START as the most well-tolerated routine infant formula than any other brand. Data on file.

***Galactosemia and hereditary lactase deficiency are rare conditions in which a baby cannot tolerate lactose. These conditions are typically diagnosed within days of birth. If you feel that your baby is experiencing feeding difficulties please consult with a healthcare expert before making a feeding change.

****Ingredients not genetically engineered.

Preparation & Storage Instructions

Your baby’s health depends on carefully following the directions for prepation and use.

washing hands


Wash hands thoroughly. Boil clean bottles, nipples, rings, caps, and utensils in water for 5 minutes.



Separately, bring water to a rolling boil for at least 2 minutes. Cool to lukewarm.

pouring powder


Pour desired amount of lukewarm water into sterilized bottle. Add powder, cap bottle and immediately shake well.

See Preparation Chart for proper powder to water ratio, and Preparation Instructions on pack for detailed instructions.

Preparation Chart

Sterelized Water GOOD START ALSOY Sterelized Water GOOD START ALSOY
60 ml 1 scoop 180 ml 3 scoop
120 ml 2 scoop 240 ml 4 scoop


Store in a cool dry place. After opening can, keep tightly covered with lid and use within 1 month. Avoid extreme temperatures.

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