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stage 2 baby formula

Stage 2 baby formula | NESTLE GOOD START

Comfort for your growing baby. It’s here! Support your baby’s next stage of nutritional needs with GOOD START PLUS 2 formula. It's also non-GMO§.

What’s the difference?

Designed to support growth as your baby gets older and transitions to solid foods, GOOD START PLUS 2 formula has added iron and calcium. Why? Iron helps make red blood cells. Those cells carry oxygen to every other cell in your little one’s growing body. Plus, calcium helps develop strong bones and teeth.

Yes, it’s still has Comfort Proteins™

GOOD START PLUS 2 is easy to digest* and still has COMFORT PROTEINS, which are partially broken down whey proteins that help promote softer poops**,1.

* Like all infant formulas.
** Compared to intact protein formulas.
§ Ingredients not genetically engineered
Czerkies L, et al. 2018. A pooled analysis of growth and tolerance of infants exclusively fed partially hydrolyzed whey or intact protein-based infant formulas. Intl J Pediatrics. Article ID 4969576.

Continued support

Probiotic B. lactis^ is a good bacteria that contributes to baby’s healthy gut flora. DHA supports baby’s normal physical brain and eye development. They’re both there for your baby in GOOD START PLUS 2 formula.^

^ Probiotics only in powder format.

Try COMFORT PROTEINS today in three formats:

  • Ready-to-Feed
  • Concentrated Liquid (add water)
  • Powder

What makes each one unique? Find out below


Comfort ASAP: Whenever. Wherever. No water, measuring or mixing required.


Concentrated Liquid

Yes, comfort. No, mess. Easy to prepare—no clumps or scoops! Mix sterilized water*** with this concentrate formula and go.

***With any format, always carefully follow the label directions for preparation and use.



Great value! Measure this powder formula (the Plus pack has an easy-to-store scoop!), mix with water*** and voilà.



  • Probiotic B. lactis

    Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that contribute to the natural protection in breastfed babies. That’s why we added Probiotic B. lactis† to Nestlé Good Start. We were the first formula to contain a Probiotic, because babies deserve our best.

  • Omega 3 & 6

    Including DHA and ARA, are nutrients naturally found in breast milk. DHA and ARA contribute to your baby’s normal physical brain and eye development.

  • Easy to digest

    Nestlé Good Start is made with 100% whey protein, partially broken down. Our unique process partially breaks down the whey protein into smaller pieces for small tummies. GOOD START has, on average, proteins that are 10x smaller than routine intact cow's milk formula.

  • GOS

    Oligosaccharides are naturally found in breast milk. GOS, a gentle fibre, is a form of oligosaccharides.

Did you know?

Nutrients like iron and calcium are now more important than ever. Why?

Iron: Helps your baby make red blood cells which carry oxygen to growing cells in his body. Did you know? Your baby’s iron needs are greater from 7-12 months than they are from 1-3 years? This is because babies grow more in the first year of life than any

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