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Product Stage 1 baby formula | Nestlé® Good Start® | Comfort for your baby
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GOOD START PLUS 1 Baby Formula, Concentrated Liquid

Our closest liquid formula to breast milk, with Comfort Proteins™.  Just add water as directed and shake well. Now with a recloseable cap!


Available in 12x240ml. 


For infants 0 months and up

Product Highlights

  • Our closest liquid formula to breast milk 

  • Pediatricians #1 Choice for Easiest Formula on Baby's Tummy!* 

  • Designed with baby’s comfort in mind 

  • Tummy friendly and easy to digest** 

  • Only GOOD START formulas have COMFORT PROTEINS, which are 100% whey proteins that are partially broken down using our unique process for small tummies 

  • Contains expert recommended levels*** of DHA, an Omega 3 fat, which contributes to your baby’s normal physical brain and eye development, and galactooligosaccharides, a baby-friendly fibre 

  • Comes in an easy-to-use Concentrated Liquid format with a reclosable cap, that mixes easily with no clumps or scoops - just add water as directed and shake well. 

  • This non-GMO**** baby formula is designed for babies from birth (0 months) and older 

  • Comes in recyclable packaging 


*More pediatricians trust Good Start as the most well-tolerated routine infant formula than any other brand. Data on file.  ​ 

**Like all infant formulas. ​ 

***ADA/DC. J Am Diet Assoc. 2007;107:1599-1611​ 

****Ingredients not genetically engineered. 

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