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Kids Supplement | Gerber® Grow Mighty™ Gummies (3+ years)


With more essential nutrients vs leading brands*

Made with 13 essential vitamins and more, including vitamins A, C, D and the full complement of B vitamins, that are tailored to support your kid's immune function, support normal growth & development and to help them build strong bones and teeth.


Just the right nutritional support

Sometimes it's difficult to know if your child is getting all the nutrition they need. That’s why we are dedicated to helping them get the nutritional support they may need when diet is not enough.


Made with the good stuff

At Gerber, we know that what’s left out of your kid's diet is just as important as what goes into it. We made our gummies with natural fruit flavours, so your kid would enjoy getting their daily vitamins – without artificial flavours, synthetic colours or artificial sweeteners, and non-GMO** ingredients.


Gerber Grow Might Gummies

3+ Years

Kids Supplement | GERBER GROW MIGHTY Gummies

GERBER GROW MIGHTY Kids Gummies Supplement is uniquely made to support the normal growth and development of children ages 3 & up. 


  • *Claim based on Nielsen MarketTrack L52W period ending Dec 26 2020 for National Grocery, Drug, Mass Merchandisers. 

  • ** Ingredients not genetically engineered. 

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