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Our Most Tummy Sensitive Formula

The first and only baby formula with L.reuteri. Made to nourish fussy bellies.

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L. Reuteri

GOOD START SOOTHE with  L. reuteri, a good bacteria, gives babies what no other formula can.

easy to digest baby formula

Comfort Proteins™

Only GOOD START formulas have COMFORT PROTEINS, which are 100% whey proteins that are partially broken down using our unique process for small tummies.

Reduced Lactose

DHA & Reduced Lactose

DHA supports baby's normal physical brain and eye development.

GOOD START SOOTHE contains 30% less lactose compared to other GOOD START milk-based infant formulas. It's also non-GMO*.

Over 90% of parents who switched to Good Start Soothe said their baby was less fussy after the first feed**,1.

1Czerkies L et al. (2019) Use of a Partially Hydrolyzed 100% Whey-Based Infant Formula with Lactobacillus Reuteri in Infants with Caregiver-Perceived Intolerance. Journal of Pediatric Health And Nutrition. 1(1):19-26.

* Ingredients not genetically engineered.

**Infants were exclusively formula fed; Canadian formulation differs slightly from the GOOD START SOOTHE formula used in the study.


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