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    Signs of labour

    Am I ready to give birth? Signs of labour checklist

    You probably think it’ll be obvious when you go into labour, but every mom’s labour is different and it usually doesn’t happen like you’ve seen in movies. Here are a few signs of labour to look out for.

    • Regular contractions or tightenings. They might feel like really intense period pains.
    • Regular, painful contractions that occur regularly and become more frequent, longer, and of stronger intensity.
    • Backache—contractions don’t just happen in in the bump area.  
    • Passing of the mucus plug or what is called a “bloody show” which is a brownish, blood-tinged mucus discharge.
    • A sudden urge to use the restroom. This is caused by the baby’s head pressing down on your bowel.
    • Your water breaking. This doesn’t always happen before labour. But if it does call the hospital or your healthcare provider as soon as you can.  
    • Call the hospital if you’re unsure or worried about anything. The labour and delivery team will be able to provide you with the best advice.
    • Don’t forget to have your hospital bag packed and ready to go! See our checklist of essentials to include.



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