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    pregnancy pains

    How to cope with pregnancy pains and discomfort

    As your body changes, pregnancy pains and discomfort can occur, especially in your back, legs and feet. The good news is, there are ways to ease your pregnancy aches and pains. We’ve put together a handy list of coping strategies for you.

    • Avoid lifting heavy objects—ask your partner or a friend to help you.
    • If you have to pick something up, bend your knees and keep your back straight.
    • Wear flat, supportive shoes to evenly distribute your weight.
    • Consider an prenatal yoga class—you’ll be shown safe, gentle back stretches.
    • Keep exercising. You may need to adjust the intensity depending on how you are feeling and what your doctor says.
    • Get as much rest as possible, especially as your due date draws nearer.
    • Run a warm bath to soothe aches and help your muscles relax.
    • Gently bend, stretch, and rotate your feet to help prevent leg cramps.
    • Swollen ankles? Keep hydrated and rest with your feet up. Avoid crossing your legs and wear loose clothing and shoes.
    • If you need pain relief, check with your doctor first to learn which medications are safe during pregnancy.
    • For pelvic pain, speak to your doctor—they can refer you to a physiotherapist who specializes in pelvic health.
    • If you think you could be having contractions, read our Signs of labour checklist.


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