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    Planning a baby shower checklist

    A new arrival is definitely an excuse for a party. Whether friends or family are planning a baby shower for you, or you’re doing it yourself, here are some baby shower ideas to get you and your baby shower team started.  

    • Think about where to have a baby shower. A cozy get-together at home? Or renting a hall or restaurant?
    • Who’s hosting the shower? Or do you want to host as a team? What’s your budget? You’ll need to save some money for when baby gets here. Read our Baby on a budget checklist for more on that. 
    • Consider who you’re inviting. A traditional all-female group? Or a general mixture of friends and family? It can be fun to include your partner and their friends in celebration.
    • Try to pick a day that’s not too close to the baby’s due date. You’ll need to have your feet up nearer the time.
    • Why not create an online gift registry? This helps to guide your friends while they are choosing a gift.  
    • Think of a theme: whether it’s outrageous or sophisticated—themes are fun. If you know the sex of the baby, you may want to incorporate that into the theme.
    • Maybe a party isn’t your style. Consider a spa day if games and cake aren’t your thing.
    • Send out your invitations with date, time, and address, a clear date for providing an RSVP, and a link to your online registry. If there’s a theme, let your guests know on the invitation.
    • Confirm the guest numbers with your venue.
    • Balloons, decorations, paper plates, plastic knives and forks. Buy what you need to suit your theme.
    • Buy a cake or cupcakes.
    • Buy baby shower favors and game prizes.
    • Consider getting a photographer or ask someone to take lots of photos.
    • Choose a fun mix of baby-themed party games.
    • Set up the baby shower decorations in good time—you’ll definitely need someone else’s help for this.





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