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    Questions to ask at your first prenatal appointment

    Your first prenatal appointment is here! With so much going on, it helps to have a list of pregnancy questions on hand to ask your healthcare provider.

    • Ask about any risk of health problems or complications.
    • Ask about any upcoming screenings. Go to your checklist of prenatal questions for more info
    • Ask about your pregnancy diet. What to eat and what to avoid.
    • Ask about pregnancy exercises and how much and what you should do.
    • Ask about sex during pregnancy.
    • Ask about travelling during pregnancy.
    • Ask about beauty products. There may be things to avoid.
    • Ask about sun safety during pregnancy.
    • Ask about medications while pregnant. Take a list of any you are already taking to review with your doctor.
    • Ask about the best prenatal and postpartum multivitamin.
    • Ask about prenatal classes. When do they start and where?
    • Ask about healthy pregnancy weight gain. What to expect on the scale and when?
    • Ask about gestational diabetes.
    • Ask about safe sleeping positions.
    • Ask about common pregnancy symptoms and which ones call for medical attention.
    • Ask about your birthing plan and when to start it.
    • Ask about delivery options.
    • Ask about pelvic floor exercises.
    • Ask about a Letter of Confinement – which is a letter from your doctor to your employer that confirms your due date. Find out what you’ll need to do when it comes to organizing maternity leave and maternity pay with our handy checklist. 
    • Ask about booking in your 12-week, or “dating”, ultrasound which happens between 11 and 14 weeks. See our checklist of questions to ask at your 12-week ultrasound to get prepared.

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