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    Questions to ask at your 12-week ultrasound

    Finally, your 12-week ultrasound is here! This pregnancy ultrasound is an important one and is the most accurate way to estimate your baby’s due date. It can also be very emotional, so it helps to have a list of questions prepared. It’s easy to forget things when you’re in front of the monitor. 

    • Ask what clothes you need to take off for the ultrasound. If it’s your first time, there’s no harm in asking.
    • Ask for a cover-up. You might want to avoid one-piece jumpsuits on your ultrasound day to help minimize how exposed you feel.
    • Ask what they look for in the 12-week ultrasound if they haven’t already had this explained this to you.
    • Ask if you will be able to have an image of your baby before they start scanning—clinics often have different policies about printing ultrasounds to keep.
    • Ask the ultrasound technician if they can let you record the audio of the heartbeat on your phone.
    • Ask about the accuracy of fetal heartbeat phone apps.
    • Ask when you should expect your doctor to have the results of the ultrasound.
    • Ask what you can expect at your next ultrasound – this is usually the “anatomic” ultrasound between 18 and 20 weeks . Go to your checklist of prenatal testing questions for more things to ask.

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