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    Nestle Baby & me

    for BIG savings and EXPERT advice

    Nestlé Baby & me provides support for parents and caregivers during baby’s first 1,000 days. Join today to register for savings & samples for your journey with baby!

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    As a member of Nestlé Baby & me, you’ll receive:

    Our Ready-for-Baby Pack

    You’ll receive your personalized pack of gifts & coupons around 35 weeks of pregnancy.*

    *When registration is during pregnancy. If your baby’s already been born, expect to see your kit within a month

    Samples Galore

    Receive tons of free samples from brands you & your baby will love!

    Super-sized Savings

    Get extra savings in your inbox & mailbox as your baby grows.

    Expert Tips & Advice

    Access helpful tips & advice tailored to your little one’s development

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    *When registration is during pregnancy. If your baby’s already been born, expect to see your kit within a month

    First 1000 days Nutrition Program

    When you join Nestlé Baby & me, you will get access to our 1000 Days Nutrition Program designed by nutrition experts.

    This 3 step learning program provides you with knowledge, practical advice and skills that will help you make the right nutrition and feeding choices.

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    Want to know More?

    Ideally, time will continue to fly and your Ready-for-Baby Pack will arrive before you know it. If you registered during your pregnancy, expect to see your pack around five weeks before the birth of your baby. If your baby’s already been born, expect to see your pack within a month. Regardless, be sure to sign up early!

    • When you sign up for the Nestlé Baby & me program, you’ll have the choice between a sample version of the Ready-for-Baby pack or a coupon version of the Ready-for-Baby Pack. If you select the Sample Ready for Baby Pack upon registration, we choose a set of samples and coupons for our most loved products. If you select the Coupon-only Ready for Baby Pack you’ll receive higher value coupons, redeemable for a wide assortment of Nestlé ® Good Start ® products. Both Ready-for-Baby packs include valuable tips and advice to help you start the 1,000-day journey with your baby.
    • The choice you make during registration impacts your Ready for Baby Pack ONLY. Whichever Ready-for-Baby Pack option you choose, you’ll still receive many offers from us as your baby grows and develops along the 1,000 day journey.
    • If you register for the program before your 32nd week of pregnancy, you can change your Ready-for-Baby Pack selection up until the 32nd week of your pregnancy.
      • Sign in and find the Edit Profile page on Nestlé Baby & me website
      • Under General information, click Edit. Here you can change your Ready-for-Baby Pack selection.
    • If you register for the program after your 32nd week of pregnancy, you can not change your Ready-for-Baby Pack selection. If you do change your Ready-for-Baby Pack selection on the edit profile page after your 32nd week of pregnancy, you’ll still receive the version of Ready-for-Baby Pack that you selected during registration.

    Your time’s important, so sign up is the last thing you want to hold you up.​ There are a couple of possible reasons why you are unable to complete your registration:

    1. Error on page:


    • Double check every field is complete.
    • Make sure to read and act on the error messages if any.
    • Clear your browser history. Switch to a different browser.
    • See how you fare on a different device.


    Of course, the form should tell you if you’ve left a field blank, but double-checking every field is complete (and correct!) always helps.

    2. You have registered before:


    • If you have signed up for the program in the past with another child, your account is still active! Simply Sign In and go to your profile to add your new child (or pregnancy) to your account. You can register a new baby if their due date/birthdate is at least 10 month after the last child was born. If you can’t remember your password, simply click on the Forgot Password link.
    • While it’s obviously not ideal, there are a couple of possible reasons your email isn’t being recognized despite your registration with one of our partners (including Thyme Maternity, Parent Life Network or
    • Your online profile isn’t quite complete. On your first visit to the Nestlé ® Baby & me website, you’ll need to set a password and complete your profile. Please follow the steps by clicking here. Then you should be able to use that info to log in normally.
    • Your info hasn’t been received from one of our partners yet. It can take 1-3 weeks from when you registered at Thyme for it to be recognized by the Nestlé ®Baby & me website.
    • Please note that program registration is limited to one (1) baby per household in a pregnancy cycle (10 months). For more details about Program Eligibility, please view our Terms and Conditions.

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