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toddler snacks

Snacks for babies and toddlers | Gerber®

Toddler snacks | GERBER | 12 months and up

GERBER toddler snacks are the right texture and size for little hands to self-feed. Our toddler snacks are made with no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners - with a taste approved by tiny taste buds!

GERBER toddler snacks are:

  • Specifically designed and appropriate for toddlers learning to self-feed
  • Convenient – they can go anywhere you and your toddler go
  • Made with real fruit, vegetables, yogurt and/or whole grains*
  • A source of vitamins and minerals*
  • A range of different tastes and textures to expand your toddler’s growing palate
  • Made with no artificial colours, flavours, or sweeteners

*Ingredients and nutrient content varies by product.



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