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    Gerber Toddler Snacks

    Snacks for babies and toddlers | Gerber®

    Toddler snacks | GERBER | 12 months and up

    GERBER toddler snacks are the right texture and size for little hands to self-feed. Our toddler snacks are made with no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners - with a taste approved by tiny taste buds!

    Having toddler snacks on hand is a must for a few reasons:


    Promoting healthy habits

    Ninety-five percent of children have at least one snack per day, and kids between one and thirteen get around 25 percent of their daily calories from snacks, the equivalent of lunch or dinner. Research shows that eating patterns are established as early as age two, so it’s never too early to help your little one form healthy eating habits

    Motor skills development

    Convenient bites in your bag are more than healthy snacks. For toddlers, they are great for developing  fine motor skills (grabbing the snacks, manipulating the snacks in their hands and moving the snacks from hand to hand). They also double as tools for teaching basic association (orange tastes like this, green tastes like this) and for early preference development (I like this but not this). And, of course, watching your little onehold, examine, smell, taste and giggle is a great joy of parenthood. 

    Find the right Balance

    It can be hard to find the right nutritional balance for your little one when they don’t always finish their meals. Add GERBER toddler snacks to your little’s one diet to help balance the daily nutrients they need


    Our toddler snacks have the right texture and size for little hands to self-feed. They’re made without artificial flavours, colours and sweeteners, with a taste approved by tiny taste buds. Additionally, they’re:

    • Convenient, they can go anywhere you and your toddler go
    • Made with real fruit, vegetables, yogurt and/or whole grains*
    • A source of vitamins and minerals*
    • Available in a range of different tastes and textures to expand your toddler’s growing palate

    *Ingredients and nutrient content varies by product.


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