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Newborn feeding schedule| Nursing quiz

Is your baby getting enough?

While new babies need to feed every 2-3 hours, there really is no such thing as a set baby feeding schedule.

Watch this video to learn about hunger and fullness cues to look for and how much to feed a newborn.

Looking for more information? See Baby Hunger Cues

Your baby's development depends on proper nutrition. But how do you know if she's getting enough breast milk?

Take this short quiz and see how well you're both doing!

Is your baby getting enough?

True or Myth
Your baby's feeding patterns and behaviour are your best clues.
Watch for hunger and fullness clues. If she stops feeding and lets go of your breast, you can safely assume she's satisfied!
Sorry, it was true!
Your baby is actually the best indicator of when she's hungry and when she's had enough!
True or Myth

Thanks for taking this quiz!

GOOD TO REMEMBERIf your baby is ignoring or turning away from your nipple, that's a fullness cue. She's had enough!
If you're able to hear your baby swallowing while nursing, that's one of the signs that she is taking in your breast milk.

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