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    Breast milk helps both moms and babies

    Breast milk is the ideal food for babies in the first six months and sets the best possible foundation for a healthy life. It helps protect them from health issues such as diarrhea, ear and respiratory infections, and allergies.

    The antibodies found in breast milk help your baby to fight off common childhood diseases and recover more easily. It also aids in the development of your baby’s digestive system and overall growth. The suckling motion that your baby makes while breastfeeding helps in her jaw and oral motor development.

    The benefits of breastfeeding also extend to mom. Your baby’s suckling stimulates your hormones, decreases post-partum bleeding and encourages uterine recovery. Studies also show that you’ll also burn extra calories, which may help you to return to your pre-pregnancy weight more quickly. Additionally, breastfeeding also creates an intimate mother-child bond that is gratifying for both mom and baby.

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