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    Snacks for babies and toddlers | Gerber®

    Your little one’s on-the-move and growing day-by-day. Keep your toddler nourished everywhere you go.

    Baby finger foods

    GERBER Infant Snacks

    Finger foods are an important next step in baby’s solid food adventure. Health Canada’s nutrition and feeding guidelines for babies and toddlers emphasize offering babies finger foods to encourage self-feeding. For older babies, it is important that finger foods are part of a diet that provides a variety of textures.

    GERBER Toddler Snacks

    Toddlers need a healthy balanced diet with a regular schedule of meals and snacks to help them develop healthy eating habits. Choosing healthy, nutritious snacks is a great way to ensure your toddler is getting a variety of foods from all four food groups every day. As your little one continues to grow, so do her oral motor skills that will allow her to mash and chew her food.

    toddler and breakfast

    GERBER Toddler Meals

    Once your toddler is able to easily chew foods, get out the cameras because it’s time for him to graduate to GERBER Toddler Meals. Our meals are created specifically for toddlers, made with wholesome and delicious ingredients, and are developmentally appropriate – not to mention just the right size for little hands.


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    Gerber Organic Baby Food


    Our organic line keeps growing! GERBER offers organic non-GMO* products for your growing baby – from cereal, purées, and snacks – so you can feel confident about what your little one is eating.  With a taste approved by tiny taste buds, GERBER Organic snacks are sure to bring a smile. Whether for at home or on-the-go, introduce your little ones to our organic products today! 

    *Ingredients not genetically engineered, like all organic products.

    GERBER Snacks and Meals

    • Gerber-organic-puffs

      GERBER baby snacks - for 6 months and up

      GERBER baby snacks are made with carefully selected, 100% wholesome ingredients. Easily dissolvable and perfectly shaped and sized for picking up - GERBER baby snacks are designed by experts with your little one’s development and good nutrition in mind.

      Gerber Toddler Snacks

      Toddler snacks | GERBER | 12 months and up

      GERBER toddler snacks are the right texture and size for little hands to self-feed. Our toddler snacks are made with no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners - with a taste approved by tiny taste buds!

      Gerber Meals For Toddlers 12 Months and Up

      Toddler meals | GERBER | 12 months and up

      It’s Baby's graduation time – welcome to toddlerhood! The sooner you can get your toddler eating with you at regular mealtimes, the sooner they can start developing healthy eating patterns and learning skills through imitation. Our GERBER Toddler meals are an easy way to transition away from on-demand eating and towards more scheduled eating.                                                                               


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