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     toddler sleep problems

    How to handle toddler sleep problems

    You know they’re tired, but they refuse to listen—and try as you will, the land of nod seems but a distant dream. Here are a few tips to help with your toddler’s sleep problems, from baby night-lights to soothing sounds for baby.

    • Watch out for changes to the bedtime routine (for example, their first time in a new bed). Sometimes even small changes can have some effect.
    • Don’t worry, they’ll just take a bit of time to readjust.
    • Aim for a routine with regular bedtimes and naptimes.
    • Let them choose their own bedtime story.
    • Try a baby nightlight or leave the door ajar if they’re afraid of the dark.
    • Try white noise or a selection of soothing sounds for baby.
    • Try letting them settle themselves to sleep—self-soothing is a skill that takes some practice.
    • Be nearby to reassure them but avoid picking your little one up or taking them out of their room if they cry or fuss.
    • Make sure they’re as comfy as can be. Adjust their bedding and nightclothes for changes in temperature. Tuck their favourite toy in with them.
    • Some families include a bedtime snack in their routine, especially if hunger is waking your toddler up. Some milk, or a banana before they brush their teeth may help keep their tummy happy and their heads firmly on the pillow.
    • Don’t despair. It can take time to master the art of sleeping, but you’ll get there eventually.

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