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    picky eater

    How to help a picky eater

    Wondering how to help a picky eater? Developing a palate takes time. So we’ve prepared a menu of useful tips to help turn your picky eater into a food lover.

    • Stick to regular mealtimes. Routine is reassuring for young children.
    • Keep servings small and offer more if they are still hungry—large portions can be overwhelming.
    • Use colors and shapes to make the food fun and attractive.
    • Try to make mealtimes fun by involving your toddler with meal preparation or chatting with them about the colors and textures of the food.
    • Be positive. Talk about one of their favourite interests at meal time. Don’t comment on how much they are or are not eating.
    • Offer new tastes gradually. One at a time and in small amounts.
    • Try not to rush mealtimes as some toddlers eat very slowly.
    • Eat together as a family as much as possible. Toddlers learn just as much by watching what you do, from table manners to savoring food and trying different things.
    • Encourage them to feed themselves, it might help finger foods be accepted more easily. You can deal with the mess later.



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